Physician house calls for patients with limited mobility.

The typical time for signature and return of faxed forms and orders is 1 to 2 business days.  If a signed form or order has not been returned by fax by 3 business days, please refax the order or call the office.

No.  A decision must be made by the physician by the end of the current certification period to recertify the patient for a subsequent 60 day episode.  Home health agencies that believe the patient requires an extension of services should fax a recertification request to Dr. Beaujon prior to the end of the current episode (see the forms tab on this website).  If a recertification request is not approved by the end of the current episode, the agency can contact Dr. Beaujon for a clarification.  The home health agency should not simply assume a patient will be recertified without receiving a written recertification order prior to the end of the current episode.

If a patient is seen by Dr. Beaujon and is found to need home health services, the patient and/or family typically decide which agency to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (For home health agencies, HOSPITALS AND HEALTH CENTERS)

Referrals are typically done by fax or online (see the Referral Forms and Online Referral tabs on this website).

Question 1 - I am employed at a hospital/home health agency/physician office and have a patient that needs to be seen.  How do I refer a patient?

Question 2 - If a patient needs home health nursing or therapy services, which agency does Dr. Beaujon typically refer to?

Question 3 - A patient was approved for home health services by the physician and the current episode is ending.  Can we expect the patient to be automatically recertified for another 60 day episode?

Question 4 - How long does it take for orders or other forms to be signed?

Question 5 - A patient is in need of DME supplies.  How are these handled?

Insurance companies usually require that DME requests and supporting exam findings be documented in the physician notes during the physician visit.  Some DME items require extensive documentation, sometimes spanning several pages of physician visit progress notes.  For this reason, DME requests should be made at the time of the physician visit by the patient, family, caregiver or home health staff so that the necessary supporting information can be written in the progress note during the visit.