Physician house calls for patients with limited mobility.

No.† It is normally the responsibility of the patientís current primary care provider to obtain these services for their patient, should the patient require them.† It is usually not advisable to have more than one primary care physician at a time due to safety risks unless there are unusual circumstances involved.† The physician approving the patient for home health nursing / physical therapy / occupational therapy/ speech therapy or other services should ideally be the sole primary care physician for the patient, to reduce the risk of overmedication, repetitive testing and miscommunication problems.

The frequency of physician visits depends on the severity of the patientís health conditions, usually ranging from monthly to every 6 months.† Patients receiving home health nursing, physical therapy occupational therapy, speech therapy or other services may need more frequent visits from the physician since Medicare requires that the physician recertify the need for these services every 60 days.† Verifying a continued need for these services typically requires a physician visit prior to recertification.

The cost of physician visits at home is similar to seeing a primary care provider in his/her clinic.† Patients who have Medicare as their primary insurance but no coinsurance will typically be responsible for paying for the yearly Medicare deductible amount ($147 in 2015) if this has not yet been met and 20% copay for each visit.† Patients with coinsurance may have these amounts paid partially or fully by the coinsurance.† Patients may be eligible for reductions in out-of-pocket costs if their income falls below 200 percent of the federal poverty level (As of 2015, the income level is $23,540 for a single person household or $31,860 for a 2 person household.† Please ask the office for a Charity Request Form or download the form from this website (see the Forms tab on the navigation panel).

Frequently Asked Questions (for Patients)

Yes.† Dr. Beaujon is Board Certified in General Internal Medicine which is considered a primary care specialty.†

Question 1 - I donít have a regular physician and need a primary care provider.

Is Dr. Beaujon considered a primary care physician?

Question 2 - How much do the services cost?

Question 3 - How often does the physician visit?

Question 4 - I already have a primary care provider but I just need a physician to sign me up with a home health agency for nursing and therapy services.† My primary care doctor doesnít like to handle all the paperwork that this requires.† Can you do that?

If you believe you have a true medical emergency, you should call 911 immediately and go to the nearest hospital.† Some semi-urgent medical conditions can often be adequately addressed with medication or treatment changes by calling (or having the home health nurse call) the physician on his cell phone or office phone.† Your condition may also require an earlier appointment from the physician.

Question 5 - What do I do if I have a medical emergency?

Question 6 - How long will it take for me to be seen for the first time by Dr. Beaujon?

Waiting times for the first visit vary but typically range from 2 to 14 days, depending upon location of the patient and other circumstances.