Physician house calls for patients with limited mobility.

Do I qualify for home visits for insurance purposes?

Insurance plans (including Medicare) usually require that several criteria be met before you may qualify for home visits.  If the answer to the following questions is “YES” then it is very likely that you will qualify to have a physician see you in your home.




1.  Do you have a physical, mental or emotional limitation that restricts your ability to go outside your home?  Restrictions such as breathing difficulty, arthritis, leg weakness, heat intolerance, risk of falls, low endurance, memory loss and emotional issues are some of the reasons for receiving home visits.


2.  Are visits outside your home usually for medical purposes, of short duration or for religious purposes?


3.  Do you require the assistance of a wheelchair, walker, cane or another person to safely travel outside your home?


4.  Have you stopped driving a motor vehicle due to health reasons?